About HomeILove

Home-I-Love is the home renovation and home sales division of Tuckman Inc., a Canadian-owned company incorporated since 1992 and operating out of Greater Metropolitan Toronto and neighboring cities, Ontario, Canada.

Home-I-Love.ca is here to simplify the process of home renovation for home owners. It is more than a trusted general contractor of home renovation. Its website, www.homeilove.ca, is a home and real estate marketplace dedicated to helping homeowners, home buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents, mortgage professionals, interior designers and architects, builders and landlords, home inspectors and property managers find and share vital information about homes, real estate, mortgages and home improvement. We are transforming the way consumers make home-related decisions and connect with professionals.

吾爱吾家- www.homeilove.ca 是-個专注於华人社区統一的,唯一的, 一切与置业安居, 家居裝修或扩建,财务及保险有关行业的网上捜索及咨询平台。全城顶尖开发商,中介公司,经纪人,建筑师,窒内设计师,地产,财务及保险精英,装饰材料商,家倶名品店等等齐集, 结合為一个最高效的网络推广平台。通過这一个万事齐備与業主一线连通的网絡平台, 吾爱吾家用心筑就华人社区第一裝修品牌;选择我们让装修和喝茶一样简单。

How It Works in 3 Simple Steps

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  • 1. 网上填写一个免费报价申请表格
  • 並简单地列明你的裝修计划。
  • We respond in 1-2 days

  • 2. 两天內我们会与你联系, 安排上府
  • 視察並規划你裝俢意念及所需。
  • You'll get 3 quotes

  • 3. 我们配合你的裝修預算呈
  • 上三个报价单供你选择。

  • Our Advantages
    • 1. We carefully selected the best sub-contractors and tradesmen in all facets of home renovation. We select them based on their trade certification and proven track records and most importantly, not because we say they are great but because you said they were great!
    • 2. We have portfolio of past projects, material samples, and numerous photos of interior designs and decoration of luxurious homes for sale in featured home gallery for you to browse and to provide ideas for your renovation!
    • 3. You may design your own, or ask us to design for you, or we can perform the renovation without a design to save you money in some situations!
    • 4. We can supervise the project from beginning to end to ensure everything is being done according to plan, on budget and on time to give you the absolute peace of mind!
    • 5. To save you time and worry, we will undertake price comparison externally for the project and provide you with 3 most competitive quotations for your consideration in view of design concept and budget!
    • 6. It is free for every service we provide to you before you sign off on the project and make a deposit!
    • 7. Others may promise you guarantee for life. Our service guarantee is not for life but effective!
    • 1. 我们雇用的大小专业及工艺团队都经过严格挑选并以雇客口碑为重要指标; 不是我们说好就算,是您说好才算!
    • 2. 我们有装修实例, 材料及出售豪宅室内图片提供给您网上参考!
    • 3. 您有自行设计或雇用专业设计或者在一些情况不需要设计的选择!
    • 4. 大小工程我们都可以为您全程监察督工, 免您揪心, 只有放心!
    • 5. 您再不须要花时间到迯比价, 我们已依据您的需要为您做最贴心的货比多家后给您三个报价!
    • 6. 在您签约下订金之前,一切为您的服务是免费的!
    • 7. 也许人家答应保证您一生一世; 我们的服务承诺不是一生, 但是有效!

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